As a sailor I spend a lot of time out on the water wondering what the wind is doing nearby and in the places I am going. Many of the weather sites with this information were slow or hard to read so this site was my attempt to bring that data together in a fast to access and easy to read format.

This site was started in 2014 and was built using PHP. The method of scraping the data was unreliable and the site was frequently out of date. Fast forward to 2020 and the site has been completely redeveloped using various AWS serverless techniques and APIs to access the data making it much more reliable. This has been a great project to learn technology with and provides a platform to easily scale the site with additional sources of data and more stations.

If you find this site useful, would like to see a new station or just have questions, please reach out at weather@jdeutsch.com

And be sure to follow @BuoyReport, @StingrayBuoy, and @AnnapolisWXBuoy on Twitter.